Having a care routine is very good, not only for self-esteem, but also for the health of the skin, hair and nails. Some items are essential in the bag, but do you know exactly what beauty products for women you can't miss? I would also recommend visiting liumanov-show.com for more guides and reviews of salon and women products.

Many people have doubts on how to build a basic arsenal, including cosmetics and makeup. So we brought this post that explains everything right. Do you want to know what to have in order not to be unprepared when taking care of yourself and getting dressed? So, read on and check out our 9 tips!

Facial soap

Are you on the team that uses the same body soap on your face? Know that this is a harmful habit for your skin. The common soaps do not offer treatment, besides not having the delicacy that the face needs.

Because of this, use a facial soap according to your skin type to remove impurities and treat what is necessary. The ideal is to use twice a day: before bed and upon waking up.


The protector is the skin's best friend. It prevents blemishes, wrinkles, expression marks and most importantly: skin cancer. Use every day, even in cloudy weather. You may not see it, but the sun's rays sobre are on us just the same.

Hair mask

Who doesn't want to have diva hair? Beautiful, soft, silky and shiny are the characteristics of well-kept and healthy locks . To do this, you need to hydrate them at least once a week or depending on the type of yarn. Among the masks available on the market are:

• hydration: replenishes lost water;
• nutrition: takes important lipids;
• reconstruction: based on amino acids and proteins, it repairs the cuticles.

Micellar water

Have you heard of micellar water? Ah, this product is amazing! It is a makeup remover that deeply cleans pores, removing any trace of make-up and other impurities.

BB cream

If we said that there is a product that is facial moisturizer, has sunscreen and evens out skin tone? This is BB cream! Although his fashion has resurfaced in recent years, this darling was invented in the 1960s.

It is ideal for those who have normal skin and do not need treatment, just hydration and correction of a spot here and there. Its coverage is light and has quick absorption, making it a great option for everyday life.

Eyelash mask are able to lift the look.

You can choose between volume and elongation masks, or alternate layers between them for a more powerful effect. Remember to remove them completely before bed, with the help of micellar water. Otherwise, it can damage your lashes.

Liquid blush and lip tint

Powder blush and creamy blush are the best known, but have you seen this product in liquid form? With a brush, this make-up gives a supernatural air to the cheeks, which look healthy.


The primer is a beauty product for women that can completely change the course of makeup. No, it's not an exaggeration! It is able to hold the make up for longer, reduce oiliness, smooth the skin, close the pores and give a velvety appearance.

BEYOUNG has two versions: Glow and Studio . The first gives that incredible glow to the skin, like what celebrities love. The second, matifies and, therefore, is great for those with oily skin.


Strange name, right? In fact, it is called a substance that helps in the healing and regeneration of the skin, besides giving softness and shine to the hair. It has two presentations: liquid and ointment.